- Have fun and practice :)

- Please try to park in front of my house only and not blocking any driveways.  

- Please enter the studio no earlier than 5 minutes prior to your lesson to not interrupt the student before you.  Occasionally, a teacher may go over, so please do not wait for a teacher to come and get you. If you want to wait on the patio, you are more than welcome to, but please enter promptly at your lesson time.

- Some lessons will be held in the smaller studio in my house.  If that is the case, you can wait on the porch and enter the house and that studio at your lesson time.  One parent may wait IN that studio during that lesson, but I ask that students/families don't wait in my living room.

- Please do not bring food into the studio!

- If you are going to be late or have to cancel, please use the remind app.  The teachers try not to text or answer the phone during lessons.

- Please bring books and repertoire to every lesson.  Any additional copies made after the initial will incur a fee.


- Once a semester starts, there will be no way to change the lesson time and you will be financially responsible to pay for your time slot for the remainder of the session, regardless if you attend or not.  SO, come to your lessons! We love to have you!

- The studio runs in 4 sessions a year. YOU WILL have the option to keep or change your time with each session.  

- The studio does NOT guarantee makeup lessons for students who miss a lesson for ANY reason.

- Please note that there are some semesters that provide free bonus lessons in the hopes of offsetting any lessons that are missed throughout the year.

- The teachers will reschedule on an individual basis IF an opportunity arises, but there is NO guarantee.

- All teachers MUST provide at least 10 lessons per semester.  If a teacher cancellation results in less than 10 lessons, that lesson WILL be made up.

- For students who are not enrolled in weekly packages, there will be NO refunds for missed lessons.  You have 48 hours to cancel with the option to be credited towards a future lesson.  Any cancellation within the 48-hour window will NOT be eligible for a make-up.


Please complete this form to acknowledge your receipt and understanding of our attendance policies as well as all studio policies and payment policies.

Spring Session 2020 Agreement