Music and the Arts were meant to bring people together!

That is why we are having BRING A FRIEND week from April 29-May 6. 

During this time students can introduce some of their favorite friends to their favorite teachers!

Friends will be able to sign in and interact with the student and their teacher during the student's normal lesson time.

Note: So as not to disrupt the learning process, the friend will be asked to "mute" their microphone during the lesson and encouraged to unmute during designated portions of the 30-minute class.

We LOVE to reward the students so during this time we are happy to offer:

FRIEND: 1/2 price off of any lesson taken in May

STUDENT: 10 Points towards our challenge for each friend they bring and $10 credit for each friend that signs up for their own lesson! 

Please touch base with your teacher prior to your lesson so they can prepare to meet your friends!


Contact Ms. Rebecca to Register OR Register via the Student Portal Calendar!

Sunday ScriptReading Series

You and your families are invited to join us each Sunday at 2 as we read through a script in a zoom room!  This is a great opportunity to be exposed to new plays and work on cold reading, character development and it's just fun!  Register on the calendar in the student portal and you will receive your script and casting assignment the day before the reading!  All family members over age 11 are welcome to join in!  Just let us know if you are going to bring a guest!